Pencil Pad

I’m a Dad with 2 small children who like to draw. I tried a lot of drawing apps that were too hard for my kids to use. Finally, I decided to write a simple app that they can easily use.

App Features:

– Multi-touch! Do your kids hold onto the sides of the iPad when they draw? Other drawing apps stop working when this happens. Pencil Pad works fine.

– Simple Interface.

– Save to camera Roll. Send to Facebook and Twitter from the camera roll.

New 1.1 Version! (Coming Soon)
– Supports iPhone! Now iPads and iPhones are supported!

– Fixed drawing lag that showed up with iOS 7.

– Still committed to being a great no fuss drawing app for kids.


11 thoughts on “Pencil Pad

  1. Joel, the save function does not seem to work. I’ve uninstalled and restarted the ipad2 then reinstalled, but still nothing happens when trying to save. Do you have any suggestions? Love the app otherwise.

    • Access to your Photos might have been turned off for Pencil Pad. Pencil Pad needs access in order to save the picture to your photos.

      To turn access back on go to Settings -> Privacy -> Photos. Find Pencil Pad in the list and make sure the toggle button is set to “On”.

      Let me know if that helps,

  2. Joel
    Just installed your app. Had the same problem on how to save?
    Read the above and just to say it works.
    Thank you.

  3. Why are you asking to access photos I don’t like that. My pictures are personal I don’t want them to end up in the wrong place.
    You’re a dad, you should know better than that. I said ok by mistake. I thought it said access location that’s what they all ask. So why are you asking to access photos.

    • In order for the app to save your drawings to your camera roll the app needs access. Your pictures are never read by the app. You can always disable access by doing the opposite of the steps outlined in a comment below. If you are really worried about it then uninstall the app.

  4. Hi Joel, brilliant app mate, my 2 kids love it and use it every day. You should consider charging a small fee for it, it’s that good. I’ve just updated my ipad to iOS 7 when the kids tried to use the app after the update the touch screen doesn’t work properly, there’s a slight delay on the pencil line showing on the screen. I haven’t seen any other bugs though. Are you planning to put this out for android? Cheers Ian

    • Thanks for your interest Craig. Unfortunately iOS 7 broke Pencil Pad. I haven’t had the time to update it to work with iOS 7. Maybe in the future I’ll update it and post it again.

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